The City (Popshop Remix)

Friends, fans, fanatics,

We have a very special treat for you while we’re hard at work in the studio preparing our second album!

After we released “To a stranger” we were asked by several talented musicians for the opportunity to remix songs from the album.  Now, we are going to release these remixes to you, for free, one by one over the summer.  The only thing we ask in return is that you spread the word, share with y Moneygram money transfer our friends Canada Phone base Number , and maybe, just maybe, join Moneygram money transfer our mailing list in order to get even more exclusive content!

The first remix in the series comes from Zürich’s Popshop.

Popshop is a new mixture between «futuristic detroit techno» and «electronic advanced pop». A kind of music which doesn’t just fit in one category because it’s a mix of many different styles like electro, pop, (acid-)house, digital funk, techno, wave, indie and it has always got a special personal flair because of the vocals and lyrics.

Without further ado, the first of the Five Years Older “Even Stranger” remix series:  The City

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